Life Shapes

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Triangle - UP, IN, OUT

Live a balanced life like Jesus

If you look at an average day in the life of Jesus, you'll notice a habit of looking up to God, in to community with His disciples, and out to the world.


Live a fruitful life like Jesus

We don't rest from work, we work from rest. A fruitful life always starts in abiding, and Jesus shows us how to live that fruitful life.


Pray like Jesus

When they had the chance to ask Jesus to teach them one thing, Jesus' disciples asked that He teach them to pray. What He taught is laid out on each side of the hexagon, but prayer starts as a child talking to our Father in heaven. Our Father's character anchors our prayer, and His Kingdom drives our petitions. 


Live a continuously transformative life like Jesus

True change comes from repentance. True repentance comes with action. Learn how to capitalize on moments of failure or challenge, create a strategy for change, and experience continuous breakthrough. 


Love & challenge others like Jesus

Jesus had a unique ability to be highly inviting and highly challenging. Highly inviting people make others feel safe--that feeling of being known and celebrated for who they are. Highly challenging people help others change and improve to become who they can be. Love says all people matter and are welcome, and true love says that all people matter enough to challenge to live the life God intends them to live. 


Engage your personal calling like Jesus

Jesus gives each of His followers a call and a gifting to build up His body. Jesus gave His church unique callings and roles that best build and expand His Kingdom on earth. Do you know yours? 

Triangle - Overcoming Temptation

Overcome temptation like Jesus

Jesus was tempted just like we are, and He shows us the way to overcome our temptations. Rooted in God's Word and what He gives to us, we can overcome the temptations we face.


Multiply disciples like Jesus

Jesus invited others to follow Him, challenged them to live and serve alongside Him, gave them special access to His life, and unleashed them to lead others in a Jesus-centered life. Do you know how to make a disciple and multiply a leader like Jesus did it?

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